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I worry a lot about things that never seem to ever happen. Sometimes it causes some strain between Master and myself. Ok, ok... at some points a lot of stress LOL.  One of the things i've promised myself is to be kinder & more forgiving inside. Taking down walls has been slow & wonderful. I'm learning openness & love with my Leather family. 

Master & Mr. S


Conversations with mini (the 4yr old) goes like this :

We were watching a new show on Nickelodeon
mm: he's gonna ba a ninja
me: you wanna be a ninja mm ?
mm: im already a ninja watch ...
(kicks her leg out and lands on her butt)
mm: i dont want to be a ninja, im gonna be a princess instead so i can get dated (her term for going on dates with princes)
me: good choice

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My goal for 2011 is to feed my spirit with love and hope. To surround myself and reach out to the people i love and hold close. To tell them and show them how much they mean to me. To be there with them when i can, and to let go what i can not control. Seems so simple maybe ?

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It's Tuesday and for some reason it feels like back to the grind for me today. There's a lot to get accomplished and i'm gonna be down for a bit maybe. When i went into the doctors friday hoping to get off some of the meds i am on that's not what ended up happening.I ended up on more and being told my Lupus is "aggressive" soooo ...  here we go. 

I'm going to hold on to the happy thoughts of last Saturdays ride with Daddy on the bike run to Holy hill. Even though we were with a group we had connection time that was all about just us. The sites were amazingly beautiful and we met some really nice people and good to see old friends too. I think i'm realizing how isolated i feel sometimes.


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Master & i spent some much needed time together out on the bike just seeing where the road ended up. Pressures put aside for just a little while. It was just all about us and it really felt good. We went through long Grove and their kitschy shops. Later back out to see Sorcerers Apprentice. Besides my YUM for Nicholas Cage it was a really cute movie. Really Loved it.