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Happy Friday !!

I'd like to say that there is not a whole lot going on which is the reason for not updating but reality is i'm just trying to tread water at the moment. I stayed home from work yesterday because i was sick the night before and today i'm still recovering from waking up with one of the worst migraines i've ever had in my life. I'm a bit better today but have learned my lesson about not having excedrine or the codeine crap my Doc gives me. I always end up thinking i'm not going to need it and throw it away.

Brighter side is that my Real Estate business has taken off way better than i expected or dreamed it would for this year. That is kinda of hard because i'm still carrying a full time agents load part time on top of my full time day job. This has left very little time to spend with my Daddy. It's been hard for the both of us but we are spending any minute we have together and talk all day by email back and forth.

That's about it.
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