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Ticking away...

... the moments that make up a dull day..

Thanks Mr Upton, now you have me doing it. This is gonna get stuck in my head the entire day. LOL

The months and the days are flying by. I have no idea where it's gone. The little prince graduates HS in 12 days. I already have empty nest (womb) feeling and it's funny cause he has no intention of even going anywhere. LOL Daddy/Sir worries he will stay til he's 30 or so.

The weekend munch was really nice. No real formal topic or discussion but we did have a grab bag gift exchange. I got the movie Pet and Daddy/Sir got some silly game, but it looks like it could be fun. For July munch i'm still being asked to lead discussion regarding ageplay. I'm going to have to remember to broaden the topic more than just my little corner of the universe.

The stress has still been pretty heavy. Anxiety attacks have pretty much kicked my ass this week. I'm off to the Doc's this morning to discuss drugs. Oh joy. I really hate that i even have to do this. Necessary though. *sigh*

Valuable lesson learned last night. Don't try to hide Daddy's toys in the way back of the drawer under books and stuff and think your gonna get away with it. I really don't know what i was thinking at the time. I wasn't trying to poke Him or was i happy about the punishment but after for some reason fell quietly alseep sated with a hot butt.

Not much else...
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