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I have really great (and wise) Lj friends

Thank you for all the hugs and really great advice. I pasted a lot of the comments into word this morning and put them in my bag to remind me the whole day of the warm thoughts. It seemed to help me a lot because i didn't feel alone anymore. I have a couple projects to do and journaled my thoughts to Daddy for the day. Hopefully a good nights sleep tonight and i think things might seem a little brighter tomorrow.

I was told today by my boss the details of my new promotion were wrapped up and things are going to move very quickly. I have a feeling that our smaller company we parent may be rolling into us and this is what's creating my new position and opportunity. I'm not sure yet, just thoughts, I'm very worried about my friendship with my co-worker and side kick. I think once she finds out about all of this it's going to dent things. She's been there three times as long as i have.

Off to bed for this girl now.

Thanks again friends. Luv's you all.

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