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Chaos in the Sam's Club

I think there just may be a reason my Daddy calls me the "princess of chaos" It seems to follow me where ever i go sometimes.

Yesterday heading into the Sam's Club i ran into an older gentleman that dropped his grocery list at the same time i did. He hands me mine and i his, we have a flirty little chat into the store. As He walks in he seems to be getting mobbed and looks extremely uncomfortable about it. So i texted my Daddy "who is Lovie Smith ?" I had no clue. LOLOL Had i known i would of took off running with his list giggling madly. 

And oh no... that was not enough. I decided to chose the cash back at check out. The drawer flies open and hits the young cashier straight in his jewels. He says through strained laughter "could of warned me lady" 
My face red i proceed with the grocries to the car. And wait... it gets even better. The lady next to me in her Beamer SUC is trying to put her baby in while im loading the grocries and i touch her door slightly saying politely "excuse me" her man lifts his head up rolling his eyes and throwing his hands up "oh jesus christ" cause i touched his door. Really, get a life (i'm wishing i could just say)

So that was my fun for yesterday. I had to call my sister who was really down about life so she could have a good laugh. That's all you can do sometimes, LOL 

Tonight will be an inpromtue get together with a few people from our munch group. It's fun to watch the other subs deciding who gets thrown "under the bus" LOL. It always backfires and we know (love) it.
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