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The floor

I'm finding it amazing how a simple thing can shift a mindset. I've been put on the floor before, once or twice. At the time i thought "oh, this is kinda hot" and that really was the end of it. Recently i've been put on the floor to sleep a few more times in a row. I thought it was going to be a once-off thing again but it continued. This has shifted the whole thing in my mind. Not so much about being hot, but about being in my place. It for me has been a lesson in learning that it is not about separation from Him. I'm not even really sure why this has surprised me. But it really makes me hyper aware today and lots of thoughts floating through my mind.

When i woke this morning it was to the feeling of the cold chain links tugged gently and against my skin. This starts the day of knowing what i am and where i belong.




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