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Sweetest day ?

Did anyone else do anything for sweetest day ? Maybe i'm the only sap left. Seems anybody i had asked either didn't know it was sweetest day or seem to care much.

I had tried as much as possible to make it a nice day for Daddy. While he was out fishing i finished a felt marker board picture i had colored of Tink *s* i wrapped it up with a nice home made little heart on it for a card that said "to the sweetest Daddy" He can take it to work and say "My girl made it" heeeee. After i was done with that i made cinnamon rolls and bacon to be sure he had something yummy to eat when he got home. I burnt them a little on the bottom ( i need a new stove bad LOL) Then cleaned up the house and we had a nice day. When we went to bed i got to give my gift with two big candy bars. YUM. We shared some last night.

We just wont mention me running over the leaf blower in the driveway because i was in "OMG i'm all happy i just figured out my costume and have everything for $24.00" mode. And not paying attention until i was already there and saw it and was way too late. *sigh*

So that's about it. I'm looking forward to the Halloween party at the club this Saturday. Daddy is going as a Chicago K-9 cop and i get to be the (naughty) puppy. Complete with leash and puppy crate. *grin*



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