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Tuesday already ?

Found this a couple of weeks ago just for fun. This morning it couldn't have been more dead on. I made a comment about not wanting to do something and couldn't explain it more than just the fact of I didn't want it. Even with Daddy standing there saying "Tell me, tell me" ! LOLOL

Gemini approaches situations or problems in a more cerebral, rational manner, while Pisces relies more on intuition and feelings. Gemini may sometimes try to force Pisces to directly discuss an issue, which can be futile. Pisces may not be able to articulate ideas in as convincing a way as Gemini, but Pisces tends to draw upon a level of wisdom and sensitivity that is very deep, though difficult to formulate clearly in words. Gemini is more factual, like a reporter, and Pisces is more of a poet. You both must remember that there is truth in both ways of understanding the world. Gemini finds Pisces ineffable and enigmatic at times. Pisces find Gemini's nervous energy and hectic pace rather unnerving.

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