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Run by blogging ...

Things are good. Just trucking along with my real estate classes. I'm hearing that right now the market is slow and competition stiff. My be a while until I can actually get a job where I can do it on a full time basis. For now I will be happy with the accomplishment of finishing it when I do. Then come hell or high water I'm going to find a new Tae-kwon-do school. I'm missing it really bad. Sitting on my butt getting too fat. LOLOL. Yep has nothing to do with all the junk food lately. Heh.

Was a good day so far. Really weird. The mean lady at work decided all the sudden she's going to be my best friend. Don't worry. I'm not turning my back for one second on her.

Daddy came to work to take me to lunch today. Was really nice. Our routines have been off big time lately with my school and his new job. It's been a little stressful on me. Think that's why maybe my sleep has been off a bit. not sure.  



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