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I heard from J friday on my way home. guess she's going to stay with a friend for a bit.Of course it was to ask for money. Got a feeling it will be short lived there. So far she's burned most of her bridges with the family. She still has to go back eventually and face my parents for what she did. not sure yet how much damage to the car but probably not going to be cheap repairs. I know that's not the whole point. I have no idea how to make her understand.

Tonite is the final for my class. Then I get my transcripts to take my state. I just want to get this over with.

Brighter note: Girls weekend this weekend at my parents cabin. Just us girls for the entire weekend in the Dells. Looking forward to this a lot. We used to have a saying "What happens at the cabin stays at the cabin" Funny thing is we end up spending most of the time at the craft malls and antique stores . Yep last of the big partiers we are. LOL


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    LJ has sure changed a lot since the last time i was here.

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