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It's been a week,

Not a bad week just funky weird karma floating around. I have no idea what it is. Seeing my father tuesday didn't help either. I haven't seen him since my Brother's funeral 10/2000. We were coming down our street and there he was getting out of his car with his wife at my sisters house four houses down. I'd like to says I don't give a fuck but I sat on the couch and watched them chat for about 15 minutes and then he gave Sis a hug and left. My heart sank. I guess he asked her which house was mine and she pointed it out. Both of us knew we were there but neither can give. Sad really. I just can't bring myself to forgive.

As for this weekend It's going to be extremely busy starting tonight. Meeting friends in from FL them IML tomorrow and racing that night. Daddy's girls coming saturday and we will be cooking out. Oh crud forgot it's my Moms b-day saturday too. Uhg. At least I have a four day weekend. WHOOT !! 


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