January 16th, 2006



Going to bed last night I was still in a wiggly mood from being teased earlier that morning by Daddy. Also finding a new link with yummy stories to read that day didn't help much either.Laying there Daddy says "what are you thinking about" He was tired from a long day of working. I answered "I'm just...a little .. hee, ya know" Then a bunch of embarassed giggles. Daddy "oh are you now".

Happy wiggly girl this morning, hee.
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So I've been playing phone tag with the surgical nurse at my Gyno's office for about a week now. We never hooked up to talk about what I had wanted done. I get a call from the hospital to confirm my surgery on the 19th. "exsqueeze me baking powder!" So I gave her a call and finally talked to her. I have to go in to see the doc today at 3:00 first. I'm going to try to eliminate the possibilities of what it could be first. Then if I'm no better I'm going to put my foot down for exploratory. We'll see.
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