June 9th, 2006


Better days

Things are good. I've managed to pull my head out of my ass and get the job hunting in gear. I have to remember it's just not going to fall in my lap tomorrow and keep my head up. I mananged an interview yesterday with an agency that can get me placed right away in a temp position as a back up if I don't get a job soon. Figure that's the best safety net for our finances. I had an interview with a company this morning which is 5 minutes down the road for me.It was literally 2 and half hours and got encouraging comments. All in all it went very well and I got a good feeling for it. So we'll see about that one. Also received an email from another good company when I returned home. As far as the online career boards go Monster seems to be the best by far for getting the companies and not the recruiters to contact me. Feeling much better about myself. I guess I was throwing a bit of a pity party and turning my attention to the house and Daddy to kinda put things off.

Daddy's off to race tonight and I will be staying home myself with the girls. Cash is a bit tight right now but it's ok. We've got the bills paid and  it's not like we're starving. Just no room for extras. My son is getting ready to leave in the morning for CA with my parents for seven days. So when the girls go back home sunday night we will have the whole week to ourself for bit bit of naughtiness  *g*  Yay !!
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