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Daddy and I both agree we are just done with the icky Karma. Last week it started when I decided I was going to exercise at lunch by walking and parked at the forest preserve and went to get out of the car and slammed my finger in the car door. Ouchie, I had thought at first I broke it. But nope just hurt badly. I thought about it immediately when it happened about how a friend of mine warned me about going out to that forest preserve because some bad things have happened there. Weird. Lesson #2 thursday: the gas gague on the car doesn't work right so I was warned not to let the gas go below a quarter. Well the age old "I'll do it later" bit me in the but. Ran out of gas on the way home. So yep, earned a butt tanning. Bright side of thursday was meeting the most lovely MzzCarmen and Jim all the way from Florida.

Friday night was spent at the races in the cold and rain. Evidently they use the BIC cars to dry the track. From the seat of the fans it's funny. Just glad no one ended up on the roof or hurt. Didn't make it to IML again this year as finances didn't permit. Saturday picnic at my Moms for her birthday. Very disappointed my daughter didn't even bother to show up or call. Rest of the weekend was pretty quiet besides falling down the stairs and hurting my toe of all things. Yep, I'm so done with the icky Karma.

I have another interview today. Not going to even get my hopes up.Haven't even had any luck in trying to find a part time job for evenings and weekends.



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