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I still don't have a job and now I'm broke. Not sure how to deal with that one. I am so done with being at home. I've got a couple of good leads though. So it's looking a little brighter.

Thursday went and saw the Beastie Boys. Way too cool. We got pretty close up front on the floor. About 10 to 15 people back. The thing with that is with being up front on the floor you get the "pusher up fronters" That's ok. Iv'e done it. Ya tend to get the drunk guys and the blondie bimbos that think they are gonna get a pass. Funny, me and this girl teamed up on the bimbo and it was about to get ugly and Daddy stepped in between and it was done so I just went back to having fun.

Friday just a low key evening with Mike and the kids. It was good. Saturday we had a couple of moments that tested.Were figuring out that we can both tell each other how we feel and it's not going to be the end of the world. At least I am. It's hard sometimes not to just throw up the walls and duck and run.

Sunday ... well umm... Yah... I'm reminded everytime I sit.

"Don't worry baby if you get a little high
it's just a phase to get you through getting by
So you get a little restless and you get a little wasted
It's just a little light entertainment
Embrace it, it just might save your life .... "



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