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Job update, I have one !!! Yay ...

Well I got a job !!! This is truly the funniest story ever .The end of  Sept of 2004 I had spent 8 1/2 years at a really great company. These people were like my second family and I was really good at what I did there. Times got tough for the company with the economy and raises and bonuses were cut. So I started looking. Then was approached be a recruiter for a job at Pepsi Corp. Well Pepsi, what could be better than that. So I gave my notice and decided to take a couple of days off in between. Then came a call telling me I'm not going to be starting there and they placed me somewhere else. Never did get an explanation as to why ( I hate recruiters now) So I took the job at the tire company with the co-worker from hell all the while still looking for another job. Last week I see an ad posted again for Pepsi. I applied and interviewed. Yesterday they made the offer. Passed the credit and reference check, now just have to pass the drug screen, which is no problem.

So the past year has been a strange experience and not quite sure what this lesson was supposed to teach me.

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