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Home alone..... Blah

Home completely by myself tonight. Daddy's gone to Cincy with all the kids and will be back Sunday night. I have to work tomorrow in the morning at my second job. Right now we need all the paycheck when can get to try and catch up with me not having a check in about a month. The piece and quiet is nice for about 5 minutes then I'm bored and lonely. Rarely am I ever by myself. I used to go out all the time and have places to go if I ever wanted to pick up and go out for a while. A social life full of going out and friends used to be the major part of my life. I think it was to replace the loneliness at home which is something I haven't felt since Mike and I met. Now I don't go out that much at all. Turned into such a homebody and it's a big push to go out and do anything. Weird. 

Time to drag my ass upstairs to get dressed to go find something to do.

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