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Fall is my favorite time of year.Winters right around the corner. Yay !! I know, I'm a nut. I'm not sure we'll really get the great leaf colors because of the summer drought though. They're already falling off the tress before turning. Blah.

So I'm feeling a little better since being an the antibiotic. Still some pain but no closer to finding out what's wrong. I've seen three doctors that all insisted I see the Gyno Doc. So I acquiesced and went. Why is it if your a woman the first thing they do is refer you to the Gyno if it's at all in  the The two lumps on the MRI turn out to be harmless (thank GOD) and can be delt with outpatient. The fever, pain and white count still a mystery. I'll call the other doc back tomorrow and see what he thinks. Not very hopeful after being passed of four times.

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