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Music, as loud as it will go today

I'm feeling much better than I have been. Getting ready to head out to the track for the last weekend of racing. Mike called me to say the cars running better than it did before he took the engine apart *s* May have had the best qualification time yet. Maybe good enough to make it into feature Sunday.

Right now I've got Quarshi Jinx on the stereo as loud as it will go. Reminded me of when we moved into this house. When we looked at it next door was this single guy who always had loud music and lots of people over.I thought they were going to be cool to hang with. Now he's married and I never hear it anymore. Sad, very sad.Daddy says she took his balls too *giggle*

I've been shopping on the internet all day. I'm trying to find a princess costume for a party on the 29th. Being a curvy girl this has not been so easy. I'm told I get to wear my collar and after a conversation with a friends Daddy today I found out she's wearing hers too. Now this could be fun WOOHOO *blush*

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    LJ has sure changed a lot since the last time i was here.

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