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The weekend was good. Started early Saturday morning with everyone pitching in for fall cleaning. The girls were a huge help and actually not much complaints. Unfortunately my son was not and I actually had to give him a consequence by taking his internet away. To a fifteen year old boy his whole world is now doomed. LOL. he's a good kid just lazy probably because I've previously done everything for him. laundry, cleaned his room, no chores at all. I'm trying to change that. He has his good moments and bad. In two more weeks he starts drivers Ed. Heh, a bigger thing to hold over his head to get him motivated. So as far as fall cleaning that pretty much sent me back to some bad habits of "OMG there's a spec on the carpet" mode. I think soon I should go back to my part time job.

Other things, racing season is over but is still joked Mike and Pete that it's really not over cause the tinkering and money doesn't really stop. Hee. Then I got "don't know what your talking about" Yeah..... ok,  Hee.

We've also talked about how attentions of how we flow and things have shifted. Some of the areas were moving into are kinda new. Mostly in the way that previously they had not been positive for me with someone else I was with. So this is were the major trust factor comes in. But it's good.




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