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Designer Shoe Warehouse. Yeah, to a shoe princess that place is better than crack. I walked in there my jaw hit the floor. My 16 year old son with me he stops and says " this place is bigger than an airplane hanger" All I could do was just nod and "uh, hu" Needless to say I found a pair of shoes for the wedding. Something about a real warehouse full of real designers shoes all marked down. I'll be going back there again.

Anyway things are going ok. Much of the stress of the last seven days has more or less come to a head today. The wedding, money tight, Christmas coming, my daughter staying. Yeah. I think Mike and I have seen more squishy moments over the past week then we've seen the two years we've been together. But we got through it. Just a step back and a deep breath later we were good.

The brighter moments were a play date with a certain very lovely lady we know *big g* much fun was had by all. Poor Daddy. How does he put up with me ? *giggle*

95 more hours
Yay !!!!!!

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