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A ton of bricks ..

The past week has been really rough. Last friday on the way home from work a 17 year old kid ran the red on a left turn and guess where I was. Yep, in the intersection. So my baby (truck) is in the shop. I didn't even get approval from other drivers insurance for a rental until yesterday. Their adjuster hasn't been to see it either. I have a feeling this is going to be a huge pain and the truck just isn't going to be the same again. Most of the damage is steering and suspension. It's stuck in low gear. It's my first brand new vehicle I've ever financed on my own. And a truck to boot. *sigh* I'm doing ok. Screwed up my back a bit but I always have problems with my back. This just totally aggravated it.

Saturday after working I went to see my Gram at my Mom's. She hadn't been awake in two days so alot of us where there. Mike went home and I decided to stay. My son was also there. We stood at her bed and she passed away quietly. Not a peep. Strange. Mass yesterday was beautiful gave me some peace. I always feel that way when I walk into my family's church. Like coming home. Memories of school, services, weddings, Christenings and such. It's good.

Not much time yet to enjoy the married life :) but I am blessed with the most wonderful man. After Christmas I plan on finnally taking my state portion of the Real Estate exam. I'm so ready for this.


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