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Looking forward to the New Year..

Past couple of months have been very stressful. Car accident, Gram passed away, money and Christmas. Just to name a few. Bright spots were getting married in Vegas 12/10. It turned out so perfect. I'm not going to do the retrospect for the year nor do I really have any so called resolutions. I do have goals though. The typical one of trying to get my health in check. Get all my teeth fixed, try to get some weight off and go to the Chiropractor for my back. Get to the Gyno for some elective minor surgery. Smoking, well I'm just not gonna say a word about that right now cause I think I'd have a nervous breakdown just thinking about it. I plan on taking my state portion of the real estate test so I can get my license and start selling homes :) yay !!!! I can't wait til the day I can do that full time. This year Daddy and I have deemed the year of the finances. We're going to get them in check come hell or high water. We were pushed into a corner this winter and have been given a leg up with the help of family. We make enough so no more excuses. It'll be good. So that's it.

Many more things going on right now. I'm going to try to journal more in the future. Especially about the more deeper stuff and maybe more on the communities I belong to.

Now if we could just get some sunshine here in Chicago that would be good too.

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