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The house is now quiet

It's been a good weekend. My computer is now back up and running. It's nice. Somethings you still need as your own space. A couple more boxes unpacked. We're almost there. Now we can start working on all the projects rolling around in our heads. We each have our own ideas but we can come to a pretty good comprimise together. Funny, finding a shower curtain togeether took us almost all night. I can just imagine how long the bigger projects will take together. LOL.

Friday we were surprised by the girls being dropped off when I was on my way to pick Mike up from the train. They wer'nt supposed to be here until Saturday night. I went ahead with my plans to go out myself with one of my best friends I haven't seen in about a month convinced certain doom was going to come of this from the previous times. We'll no certain doom except when I came in at 2am and tripped the circiut breaker by plugging in the upstairs heater setting off the alarm on his computer waking him up. So much for trying to be quiet.

Saturday quiet day trip to walmart for a new keyboard and mouse for my computer. Tree stand and small stuff. Picked out our Christmas tree from the church lot. Very cheap. I think 5 kids for Christmas is a bit of a sticker shock for the both of us.

Sunday took the girls shopping for gifts for Mike. Went pretty well this time. Funny to watch him roll out my Supra today. Most people would see a pile of rust but I just see the posibilities.

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