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12:30 already and I've been up since Daddy got up for work at 7:30. I'm supposed to be taking down the decorations from Christmas but I've done everything else but that. Did the dishes and watched a HBO special. I was thinking about getting the ice pack out of the freezer the chiropractor gave me but eveytime I even think about putting it on it just makes me tense up worse just thinking about that cold on me. When I came downstairs this morning the thermostat said 70 but the thermometer I've been dragging around the house said 66. Bumped up the temp so we'll see.

We had a good day yesterday. First the racers auction. We didn't know what to expect so we weren't much prepared. Mostly just walked a round the few booths they had a got a stop watch for practice laps. We did manage to find a good vendor for our hats and t-shirts we want to put our team logo on. Reasonable and the exact products I had in mind. I think her hugs tits managed to sell Daddy. LOLOL. Yah, I'm gonna get the look for that one. We had several hours between the auction and the munch so we killed time and money. First Farm & Fleet. Picked up a few deals and a lot of extras the Big Lots. More deals and stuff. I did manage to get the girls the cutest things for Valentines and I'm already done shopping for the kids. I think the best deal was the heart stamp sets I got at the dollar store. Too cute.

Then to the munch. It was nice to put the names with the faces from the people on my group list. We were invited to go out after and see someones new dungeon. We declined because we had a long ride home. Mostly it's just been a long while since we had been out socially with people from the scene. Just needed some time to sit back and process for a bit. I had even kicked around the idea of starting my own munch here. Probably not a good idea at all. Not going to even go into the why. Then maybe thought of just a once a month brunch for only slaves/subs/bottoms. Mostly I guess I miss socializing with people in the same lifestyle as me but I sure don't miss the bullshit that went with being part of a group. I'm still kicking this all around and talking to Daddy about it. Lot's to think about.

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