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Good to be back home

Home in one piece. The trip last night on the way home from Cincinnati was pretty scary. Coming across the Indiana Illinois boarder we hit some pretty bad lake effect snow. Luckily enough all the kids were pretty good about the ride. White knuckle driving to say the least. Before we left Friday morning I had come down with a really rotten cold on top of my "you know what" The bright spot to this whole thing was meeting Mike's cousin for the first time. I think her and I are pretty much cut from the same cloth and are going to be good friends hopefully through emails and more trips.  

The funeral went well as much as these things go. Mike's Grandma had the plans all predone. So the family is now smaller by one. I consider myself grateful to have known her for the short time I did. I liked her a lot.

I thought we were coming back today so I have the day off and get to stay home. So quietly playing Pogo.com and doing laundry. Daddy's at work at the kitchen table. Earlier I was kinda achey so I laid down to try and take a nap. No luck. But some lunchtime fun ;) Hee.

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