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I didn't get the job. Major fucking kick. When I was talking to their corporate recruiter it left even him scratching his head. He thought I was perfect. The supervisor and the manager liked me. Got to the director of finance and nope. I was told I didn't answer his questions with enough detail. He can kiss my detailed ass. So I decided I will just stop looking and settle into the job I've alreaady got. Hey there's some perks working for a small company. I'm actualy getting email at work after the first of the year. Woohoo. And who knows. Maybe someday there I wont have to fold and stuff the the statements by hand.

It's ok. It's still a good life. I'm confident that this year Christmaas will mean what it is suposed to and I'm not sitting here waiting for the bottom to fall out.

Now to go to bed and snuggle up to my Daddy and be done with the day.

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