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Changes and reflections,

I probably have about four weeks left at my current job one way or another. It's just not getting any better and nothing has improved. Everyday I walk in here completely in a knot. Why do people have to be so rotten ? It's so much stress it makes me sick. Not to mention being the one who carries the insurance. We tried to save some money just in case but it's not going to go very far. The prospects are way slim also. With my second job I just don't have any time to seriously look. I'm trying to cut my availability there so I can get more done. We'll see tonight if they took me seriously when I see the new schedule posted. I'm starting to question myself as to why I took this second job in the first place.I get to keep that money for my own account and have a nice little bank account going so far. The past couple of days I'm missing being at home to be able to take care of the things that need to get done there instead. Everytime I think of quiting I think I will miss the money. Then I start to feel selfish and spoiled. Going to have to think about this more. It may be a mute point depending on getting another job and what those hours will be.

Yesterday was good. Daddy went to race practice (that didn't go so well for him) and I went to my son's Lacrosse game. They lost bad but they're improving. He made the honor roll. I was so proud. At first I thought they mailed it to us by mistake. I had to go check his end of semester grades just to make sure, LOLOL.
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