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Can't beleive it's Tuesday already> The weekend seemed to fly by. Friday night I worked and all of Saturday we spent at the track. Daddy took third fastest in qualifying. The car had a bunch of troubles but we had lots of fun. I took my daughter with me to sit in the stands with me to watch. It was her 21st birthday. I let her have a half of my beer. LOL, While in the meantine I had wayyy to many. Good thing I didn't drive home. Sunday night we took the kids to Olive garden. It's a little bit of tradition the birthday person gets to pick their birthday dinner. Lots of fun.

Sunday night however was not the fun part. I was up most of the night with the second tooth I needed fixed hurting. Two motrin and an ice pack I fell asleep about 4am. I got up at 6am to call my boss and accidently called her cell phone instead of her desk phone. When I heard her answer I hung up. I'm so gonna be fired. Called in sick today too because I had interviews. How the hell do you get face time with interviews when your still employed without getting fired ? This has been the tough part.

Well off to my next interview.

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