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Lj hiatus

It's been a long week. Friday I was let go from my job. I really already knew 60 days ago when I got the write up this was going to happen. Big corporations have to go through all their steps when they want to get rid of someone and the writing was all over the wall. Simply because I didn't fit with the click or play their games. Well on the bright side I'm still in the running for the supervisor position 5 minutes from my house with a really great company. They will make the decision by end of this coming week. If I get the offer on the bright side I will have three weeks home with Daddy. If I don't get it that will mean I go right  to work with the temp agency the following week. I really would like the time home with Daddy. I think he would too. I thinks he's making naughty plans. Eeeeks scary.

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    LJ has sure changed a lot since the last time i was here.

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