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Domestic ?

I guess not. Earlier in the week I asked Daddy "Do you think I could be kinda domestic?" His reply... "That's something you have to answer yourself" I really didn't get an answer. Ugh, so I've been spinning this one myself. Having no job now I had kinda hoped to find that out a little bit. It's Wednesday and I have nothing done. Just a little dishes or something here and there. Spent most of the day on the computer and taking a nap with Daddy then watching Batman Begins. If I end up with the job offer I'm still waiting on I could have 2 and 1/2 more weeks home. I should hear finally by end of this week or Tuesday next week. I did get a call today for another interview for tomorrow at 11:00. Sounds really nice. But they all sound that way at first.

I was writing this in my head when I was falling asleep at naptime with Daddy today.

I fit in daddy's pocket when...
I am scared
when I am fragile
when he puts his arms around me
when my body is beneath him
And I fit in Daddy's pocket because I am small.
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