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I didn't get it

*sigh* the big fancy job that I really wanted went to someone with a degree. Pretty disappointed. I have 10 and 1/2 years real experience and can do the job in my sleep. Now just need to switch my gears and get busy trying to find a job. Also have to fill out umemployment. Not fun. I was hoping to avoid that.

Other things have been very busy. Friday we went to the IML fetish flea market here in Chicago. It was my first time and lots of stuff to see. It was funny to watch Daddy get looks and then to see then switch gears when they would notice me in tow behind him. We went early and seemed there were very few Het couples there until later in the day. Lots of new toys, yay !! A very special rubber duckie for me *smile*  We got to stop at a restaunt called Raza's. It was so yummy. I had Lamb Kabobs with dill rice.

Saturday we went to a real flea market in Wi called 7 mile fair. Yep seven miles of junk with four kids and Dad and his new girlfriend. I didn't find anything except a new Kim Anderson figurine which was nice because she stopped making them. Then off to the Golden Coral buffet. Oh way too yummy. You can get just about anything you feel like eating there. Sunday spent all day shopping and picked up Daddy's birthday present for the party that we had on Monday. I got him a new gad BBq. That's just going to be good for everybody. We also went and saw the new movie Over the Hedge. Absolutely hysterical. I think we laughed harder than the kids. I'm sure there are a million other things I'm skipping but we were just so crazy busy to find the time to post.

Off to the grocery store with Daddy now.
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