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One more time

So here we go again. Going to try and quit smoking again, Yay! Just gotta keep telling myself that. I do want to quit. I know people gain weight but it would be nice to be able to breath when I lay down at night or walk up a flight of stairs. Really sick of that and I don't even smoke that much. Maybe 6 or 10 on a bad day. So I have a plan. Got my patches and going to get some new shoes for walking and excersise. Need to make sure we eat right and all that. Even if it doesn't work or I fall Of I just have to keep trying and not go back to being a smoker and give up all together if I fall of. I think my Dad said when he quit he  fell off a whole bunch of times but just kept on trying.

The puppy will finaly be here sunday. We go get him at 7:00. Excitement isn't even the word for it. He's going to be a Chocolate Lab puppy. We still don't have a name. Daddy said I could name him and I said we'll call him JR. Daddy said no, that was a veto. LOL. He's gonna come home and were not going to have a name.

Daughter is in the hospital again. Third time, she just can't kick this kidney infection. Poor thing. I felt so bad for her when I kissed her on her forhead when I went to leave and she was just burning hot. Here she is three more weeks before her baby comes and she still is my baby. Strange feeling.

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