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Macy's *sigh*

Now that Marshall Fields has been replaced by Macy's it's nothing more than a glorified Target store. Even the adds and commercials look like it too. Seriously sad and pissed off. Chicago tradition gone. Took me this long for it to sink in. Was even maybe gonna give it a chance. Well, no more Prada, Dolce & Gabbana or Juicy Couture. *heavy sigh*

No job again. Last temp job let me go last friday cause i was honest and said i was not going to go with them in august when they move 20 minutes further on an already hour drive. I did have an interview on that friday that went pretty well. I'm trying to not get my hopes up because i'm pretty excited about this one. Just don't want another rejection or let down right now. For the longest time i had pretty much defined myself by my job. How successful, how many promotions and my paycheck. I've gone through some major redefinitions of myself this past year. I feel like the growth has been a positive and humbling one so far.

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