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Merry Christmas !!

It's been a long past few couple of weeks filled with work and family stresses. Between my daughters shenanigans and Daddy working 70-80 hours a week to meet his project deadline we haven't had any down time and if we do we're both so exhausted we just veg. Last night was a very welcomed outing. We went and saw one of my best buds play with his band. A few beers and good music was much needed. All the shopping and wrapping was done by yesterday so while Daddy's at work today i've just been mostly wrapping his gifts and cleaning the house a bit.

After the holidays i'm hoping to be on my Lj a little more. I have some interesting thoughts i'd like to put here before i forget. My private offline journal has been getting a work out though. LOL.

Merry Christmas & Happy new Year !!!
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