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Monday updates

Friday - On the way into work a cover on my transmission went and left a big trail of trans fluid into my parking spot. I prayed it wasn't me that left the trail but it was. Had to get towed to the stealership. Got a rental car and went home. Daddy was so super sick with a fever chills and cough. We had the drivers meeting in Rockford that night wich was about an hours drive in the blizzard winds. That didn't help him much, just got sicker. The good news of the day was getting the job offer in hand in writting. I'm still on top of cloud nine about that.

Saturday - Daddy was still very sick so i tried my best to clean the house and get ready to go to the Boot Black demo by myself. It turned out really nice and i learned a lot. Missed Daddy going with but it was fun to get to order what i wanted from the menu, hee. Ok so i may have over did it a little. My eyes are always bigger than my tummy.

Sunday- spent cleaning and taking care of the Daddy. And that's about it. Sick as Daddy was ended up getting a paddle cause i was asked what i was thinking and really couldn't answer clearly. Wasn't so much of a thought but a feeling. Just couldn't articulate.  

A million things to do today. Still have to clean the basement from last thursdays flood. Uhg.






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