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Daddy warned me

When i took this job three months ago Daddy warned my about blowing my own horn at work. See, i'm basicly about as true of a pisces as it gets. I hit my stride and i get that bounce in my step. After three months here my receivables numbers have hit a current ratio this company has never seen in the past ten years at least. I'm trying not to brag here it's just a fact. Well, the kudos and such went out to the managers and such on the first of the month news letter. My co-worker did not get kudos. I also get along with the boss. Funny she's a Gemini and i understand better than most about their moods changing on a dime. I've kept pretty quite and to myself about these accomplishments but the co-workers have noticed the things the boss does for me. Nobody seems to like the new kid that comes in and kicks ass. Feels like i can't win either way. I'm trying to team with my partner and help her along and just keep the energy positive. We shall see.
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