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Wednesday already ?

I have no idea where this week's gone. My birthday weekend was really fantastic. Daddy took my out to diner friday at Joe's Crab Shack. 39 and i have never sat down to a pile of crab legs. It's really weird because i really like them. But i went for broke and got a whole plate full. YUM!! Daddy helped me crack them and i almost finished the whole plate. I was also allowed drinks, lots of drinks. First i had 99 bananas (that's the name of the drink), then a  passion berry, then a joe's valcano. To top that all off a double shot of tequila. I think i reminded myself of why i don't do that anymore. Heh..

We were without children in the house so lots of other naughtiness ensued. There is more to come on that later. I was supposed to post an entry about all that happened and what we did and how i felt. It just kept getting put off with household life and such. I have the deadline to work on it tonight thought. Must admit i'm feeling a bit of pressure and i just don't write well under pressure . I Tend to over think everything and just get all balled up. Hoping i can just get it done.

Oh, I got XM satellite radio for my birthday. Yay !! I love music so much and i can take it with me. That's the best part.

luv my Daddy *smoochies*

Oh, and almost forgot, girlie kisses for me on Saturday... But more on that later, *g*



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