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No marshmallows *p*

Let me back up a sec and explain why this is so painful. For the past few weeks the new rule implemented is that i have to have permission for any snack. No way around it. Even the nachos that come in the Taco bell meal to the mint that was sitting in my truck.  I'm a snacker, i'd rather skip all my meals and snack throught the whole day. My favorite food is marshmallows Peeps in particular. To me their a food group all unto themselves. Yesterday Daddy threw out all the snacks and candy. ALL of it. When He got to the baking cupboard and pulled out the two bags of marshmallows the downright begging began. I asked Him to keep one of the bags just for the Little Prince. I had promised i wouldn't touch a one. So he did. This morning i gave the whole bag to L'Prince on his way out to school. He was so happy he bounced all the way out the freaking door. I just didn't want to have them in the house to have to look at truth be told. 

So here's the problem. Since i don't like having to ask for snacks i don't do it as much as i'd like to. So come meal times i'm starting to load up and that is not good with my tummy issues i have since it's pains me literally to eat too much at a sitting . I need to find the happy medium real soon. maybe get healthier snacks i can get pre-approved by Daddy for the day or something to be able to eat throughout the day? I don't know.  

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