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You will be missed my friend............

I have no words right now. These are Daddy's chgowiz.........

This was a rough and rocky day. I found out that a good friend of mine died on Saturday, my step daughter took advantage of Angie and I - in the process having us run around for her and Angie and I almost arguing over the situation.

We rarely fight, but it gets rocky about her eldest daughter - especially when Angie wants to do so good, but is always getting walked on. I want to do right for both, but we just have to set up boundaries with kids like that and enforce them. We opened up the boundary a bit on Sunday and got stomped on.

Frank Moraza died on Saturday supporting a charity event. He was one of those biker guys who was bigger than life and his stories were even bigger. He's one of those guys you love to be around, because he's always got a smile on his face, he's always flirting with the ladies (all of them) and he's seen the backside of life and still has a smile on his face. His wife Patt is a sweetheart and he has some good kids - the youngest was just graduating.

Apparently, the heat got to him, although we're not sure. He was at a charity motorcycle event. He always supported the Chicagoland "Toys for Tots" rides and any other good cause he was asked to support. He was funny, devilish, smart and street smart. He was an old racer too, and he drove semi's.

I'm going to miss him. I feel guilty not having taken more time to see him and I just ache for Patt.

Things like this make you really evaluate where you are in life and what you want to do with the time you have left.

Yea, I could do with a redo on this weekend...
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