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So much going on over here ..

 Not even sure where to start.

First - The biggest news is I passed my Real Estate exam this past Friday !! Whoo Hoo. I think that this has been by far the hardest thing i have ever schooled or tested for. While i was sick i had missed my appointment to meet my Broker and go over employment on the 23rd last month and thought i had maybe blown my chance to work there. I called and left a message for Him that Friday night and he called me back last night. We get to meet this saturday morning. I'm still bouncing.

Second- Last night was our second anniversary. I have to say my Daddy/Sir is still the best gift giver *smile* We had Chinese delivered in and exchanged gifts. I had bought him a frame that said "first Deer" on it and had prints made for him from the hunting trip. It turned out really nice. And for me roses and jewelry. The pendant is a dragonfly with pearls and diamond chips. It's sp pretty. I collect dragonflies. 

And lastly - The yummies are still yummy *grin* yes i think my Daddy/Sir is still best at that too. 

We still have a million things to get accomplished in the next two weeks until Christmas. This should be fun. Five birthdays thrown in on cookie/ornament exchange and a ton of shopping to do. Since i've been feeling better i'm starting to get back into the groove of the house and feel like i can contribute. It's a good feeling.



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