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Ewwww not funny.

Yes we make a good team and work well together, but sometimes you have to tilt your head to the sky and ask the man upstairs “ Done testing yet?”


First punch started last week with my daughter. Six months ago after much pain and anguish I kicked my 19-year-old daughter out of my house. Long story short in that 6 months she’s managed to learn nothing and burn all her bridges to find herself literally last night with no were to go. My Mom having a melt down in the middle of Mike’s middle ones b-day decided she was the one that was going to take her in. I felt as if  I had pawned my own responsibility off on her but at this time I have to look out for the other kids in the house and I’m just not equipped for the 24/7 chaos that she comes with.


The as for the Bog of Eternal Stench, see Daddy’s journal. Blah stinky. And yes I was was ever gratefull to go to work this morning. Whet ever will I do to show Daddy my gratefullness, hee.


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