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I like to think that I’m accepting of people but sometimes I’m challenged to believe in humanity. Last Friday when discussing with one of the ladies in my office about how horrible it was when that baby was thrown from a car (we didn’t know it was a hoax yet) the conversation went into how “depraved” teenagers are these days by the old hag I share an office with. I started with my point that teenagers don’t trust the government enough (rightfully so when they can get fined for wearing there pants too low) to know that it is a law that they can drop a child off at any church or hospital no questions asked. Then as if that was not enough she went on to say that with the way girls dress these days they deserve to be raped. And get this, she doesn’t blame men for raping them. WHAT ??? She said this loud enough for three other people to hear too. Sad thing about this whole thing is I actually think she believes it too. I was so mad all I could do was cry.


Going to go ask for my own office today.


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