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@theprincesswife [userpic]

February 16th, 2005 (10:04 pm)

current mood: annoyed

What do I get for doing the right thing ? A flippant apology and told to work things out with the trashy bitch! WTF ? That's office politics.

 Oh and my first speeding ticket in almost 12 years this morning.


Posted by: Marla Mae (msmarlamae)
Posted at: February 17th, 2005 02:10 pm (UTC)


Making room in my bags for Jazz Fest as we speak! Good thing we got a king sized bed, plenty of room for the three of us to cuddle and you know be good.

Yep, we'd totally be good.

*flutters eyelashes at Daddy

Hope things get better soon luv

Posted by: @theprincesswife (bdprincess)
Posted at: February 17th, 2005 04:09 pm (UTC)

I got a big NO! :( only if Daddy can put all 3 of us in his bag. LOLOL

Posted by: Chgowiz - "Cap'n Jack: i m teh cr4zy" (chgowiz)
Posted at: February 17th, 2005 04:11 pm (UTC)


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